Feedback Appreciated; Yes that means from you [Trenchant Edges]

I'm taking it easy because sitting too long this past week now means laying down hurts. Whoops.

Welcome back to the Trenchant Edges, the weekday newsletter I definitely remembered to update all the info about our newish format for! (Thanks to Stef for pointing out that I did not). Blah blah, plumbing the depths of fringe culture.

I’m taking a light day which will hopefully keep me from another serious relapse.

If you don’t care about me contradicting myself in two essays skip down to the next section.

Earlier this week I wrote a bit about Chapter 4 of the Invisible Landscape, which lays out a bunch of Terence’s speculations about the brain. Well, it turns out I also wrote about it last year and took, uh, a slightly different view on it.

Let’s take a look from earlier this week:

OK, so that seems fine.

But wait, from last year:

OK, so here you can see me kind of riffing along the same lines, but with a much more skeptical edge. This week I was all, “Yeah, that sounds right” vs last year’s, “Terry, are you just bullshitting me again?”

Kinda fun stuff. I pretty much agree with both versions so *shrug*

Just something I noticed and figured I’d call myself on.

This is me asking you to help make this newsletter better.

So, we’ve been going for a bit now and I’ve noticed people are kinda backing off reading each emails. We started May with a 20-30% open rate, now we’re hovering around 10%.

No shade here, but I would like to know if I’m boring y’all. Is 500-1000 words too much 5 days a week? Do my subject lines just suck?

Just want to make sure if there’s something I’m doing wrong to correct it.

Should I add a weekend email where I link back to the previous week?

Any other thoughts related to this?

Alright, that’s my curiosity here. To be clear, I’m gonna keep doing this for as long as I’m entertained and, I warn you, I really enjoy writing. Just nice to have an audience now and then.

Looking forward to hearing from you.