Saturday Update [Trenchant edges]

Whew, that was a week.

Welcome back my friends.

I’m Stephen, research-guy, and host of this fair newsletter where we plunge into the weird bullshit the world is made of and try not to drown.

This week we’ve had a delightful run through UFOland.

But first, we started off with a step back to the context of this newsletter in Big Pictures and mainstream Delusions

I get super clickbaity with the title, “Rationalism DESTROYED with FACTS and LOGIC” on Tuesday, but I swear it’s actually a good piece about how the demystification/desacralization of the world and culture has left some people craving more.

Wednesday was for Keeping the Saucer Faith, a mix of personal essay with my own relationship to UFOs and unpacking some of Ben Mezrich’s novel The 37th Parallel.

Thursday we unpacked one of the more persistent apocalypses, first predicted in the early 1950s, that UFO secrecy couldn’t last much longer now with The Myth of Disclosure.

And on Friday we discussed a bit more about the context of US military secrecy

One reader described it as, “Pretty Good”. And you can’t argue with that. :-P

A quick glance at my statistics say we topped at about 9,000 words this week, which is pretty good output for a few days.

Next week we’ll be back to our more usual haunts with Terence Mckenna on Tuesday.

Monday, I think, will be a bit of looking at how this newsletter is doing going into our 14th month of existing and really 3rd or 4th month of serious publication.

Good stuff all around.

Anyway, hope y’all are enjoying yourself.

See you next week.


Btw- if you’d like to support this newsletter tossing me a couple bucks a month would be appreciated, but what I’d really like more of are comments. Hard to know if I’m doing the right thing or not if I don’t hear from you.


Much appreciated. ;-)