So where are we on this whole Terence Research project anyway? [Trenchant Edges]

Welcome back to the Trenchant Edges, the email newsletter train wreck transforming itself into something less wreck-like. I hope.

Today we’re focusing in on the basics of our research Investigation into Terence McKenna’s Timewave and novelty theory.

Reading the past emails I’ve sent, it’s quite clear that rather than focusing on the timewave itself, I mostly just read and reacted to books. Which is fine and I think I covered a pretty good swath of topics around those books.

But it’s not quite what I was aiming for, was it?

Going through The Invisible Landscapes again is a good antidote for this, as is hunting down the old laptop hard drive with the massive Terence Mckenna torrent from the pirate bay.

I’m, uh, definitely not going through all 13Gb of that, lol.

From what I’m seeing there are a few primary sources that need finishing before I can really move onto the interviews I planned on doing a year ago.

I think I should also do some searching on to see what talks might be worth working through.

Which leaves other people writing about Terence and the timewave, playing with the timewave zero software, and interviewing people in his life.

That’s pretty good as far as collecting primary sources goes.

But what about the rest of it?

Well, I don’t really have a plan yet. So that’ll be what we work towards this week.

Be seeing you tomorrow.

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