Sunday Self-reflection [Trenchant Edges]

Working back to actually having a plan.

Welcome back to the Trenchant Edges, the daily-ish Newsletter where we hunt fringe ideas and then beat all the insight out of them we can, like a pinata made of mixed metaphors.

I’m Stephen, your host and such.

Looking at this week’s newsletters I’ve identified a red flag or two. Mainly, talking about shit that isn’t either of the projects I claimed to have started.

Before I start any big new writing projects, I need to finish at least the Terence Mckenna/Timewave piece.

And since I’ve not even *looked* at the material I put together for that since last year…


The other issue is I don’t have any kind of focus for McLuhan and I think there’s, uh, just a lot to go through randomly. I need to zero in on a real research question so I have at least *any* direction.

So I think this week is going to be about digging into my backlog and coming up with plans on how to deal with both of these Investigations.

Not gonna lie, I don’t really want to spend a ton more time on McKenna. But a skim of what I’ve done suggests I was almost avoiding the real topic. Happily, my reading of The Invisible Landscapes means confronting this stuff much more directly.

The Next Week

  • Monday: The Timewave Research Plan

  • Tuesday: Researching McLuhan

  • Wednesday: The Timewave Outline

  • Thursday: Invisible Landscapes 1975-1994

  • Friday: The UFO Researcher Scale of Credibility (as a treat :-D)

Alright, I’ll see y’all tomorrow.