The Original Invisible Landscape [Trenchent Edges]

Welcome back again.

So, here’s the fruit of more of my effort and frustration than it may prove to be worth.

A friend, of sorts, once told me that it was interesting what was left out in between Terence’s 1975 and 1994 (I got this wrong earlier in the week) editions of TIH.

In my cursory search between them, I haven’t been able to find much in the way of difference. This means I need to do two close readings this week, lol.

Now I at least understand why my dear friend was being coy about what the differences are.

At least this is something comfortably done from bed.

Here’s the Errata for this version. Which may end up being the only differences in the text:

At first, I thought the poem beginning the book wasn’t in the 1994 edition.

But no, it’s there.

And the table of contents?

The page numbers are different, but it’s difficult to say from this if that’s a factor of content or the difference in layout between the editions.

The Index of the 1994 edition starts on page 225. So maybe there’s content removed that isn’t obvious from the Table of Contents, but more likely it’s a formatting thing.

The 1994 edition does have a few more figures, and is more elegantly printed, but that’s about it.

We’ll see more about this all on Saturday so I have time to go through each page by page to see if there are any sizable changes.

Either way, I’m glad I was able to get a copy for a mostly reasonable price. This one was sold by the historian Michael Horowitz, oddly enough.

Alright, be seeing you tomorrow.