This week [Trenchant Edges]

Newsletters don't take 3 day weekends.

Welcome back, my friends.

This is the Trenchant Edges, a newsletter about weird ideas and the people who drag them through the “formality of actually occurring.”

We organize the threads we follow into Investigations.

Right now we’ve got 3 ongoing:

  1. Terence McKenna’s Timewave Zero and Novelty theory

  2. Marshall McLuhan’s Media theories

  3. UFOs and something

If one interests you more or less than the others, let me know. That’s really the only way I know what to discuss or avoid.

Coming Attractions

Rather than doing a set schedule the way I have been, I’ve decided to try out tossing out a pool of ideas and seeing how y’all react to them:

  • Breaking reality In the Jungle

  • Terence and UFOs

  • UFOs, Demons, Angels, and faires

  • Another Round of McLuhan’s Counter-Blast

  • From The I Ching To The Timewave


Now that we’ve got over 350 people here and are following several threads of investigation at once, we’re going to run into more and more problems of people losing the plot and me not doing a good job of keeping everyone on the same page because I’m focused at my own leading edge, not tracking where everyone else is.

I can see two options for this:

  1. Syndicate on, with moderate editing so that there’s a clear path from Begining-to-End of each Investigation.

  2. Syndicate via Ebook. These would be something like $1 for non-subscribers and free to subscribers and be ongoing collections of the same Investigation.

I think the latter would end up a better experience, but the former is probably easier.

Let me know what you think.