I didn't follow the trial much, so your big picture summary was useful. It is a sign of the times that your deep-reaching article has 2 likes, whereas the partisan finger-pointing articles made the career of several hundred "journalist-types". So much that it seems over the top, to me at least.

I noticed you used the word "deep" a bit, but not the phrase "deep state". The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure it actually does exist- but it is completely unlike how Trump and friends characterize it. I think it is/was largely an informal culture of anti-Bolshevism created by the Dulles Bros and "Edga" Hoover in the 1920s-1950, which peaked in November '63 (cough, cough). It seems said "deep state" has moved from right to left- whichever team is more likely to start WWIII with Russia gets its endorsement.. so its leftist now. The right has been too busy chanting "the Jews will not replace us" by torchlight to hate on Russia. Now, which country of note focused its hatred on Russia, Jews, Communists and socialists about 88 <sic> years ago?

Its just führer proof that we live in a post-truth society.

ps: The most credible conspiracy theory surrounding Epstein, Mossad, etc. which comports to your understanding of Iran-Contra (re: the Mossad were the point of sales for our sale of Hawk/TOW missiles to Iran) is this bad boy, here:

www [dawt] mintpressnews [dawt] com[slish] shocking-origins-jeffrey-epstein-blackmail-roy-cohn [slash] 260621 [slish]

Almost all of it is factual info already reported by the NY Times, Post, etc. from the 40s to 90s- Webb just put the dots together- and the picture it paints is astonishing. Its no wonder that the site has drawn so little traffic since publishing said content. There ain't no truth like post-truth!

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