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I just started listening to Graeber's Debt on audiobook at work after learning about it from you on FB. I listened to Bullshit jobs earlier this year.

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If you're wanting to spin your wheels on Graeber's "Debt" for awhile, then do I have news for you! My favorite old-school blogging collective, Crooked Timber, did a pretty extensive online 'seminar' on the book back in 2012. Members of the blogging collective, an eclectic group of mostly academics, took a crack at criticizing, extending, or riffing on different parts of the book. It was pretty good.


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Oh my.

That's a spicey meataball.

I know David Harvey commented that Graeber didn't track how changes in debt mutated in the late industrial/modern era, but I don't fully understand his criticism.

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I'll admit I haven't actually read "Debt"--just a lot of commentary on it. I'm merely an enthusiastic dilettante.

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