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Wordcount is meaningless to me. Your newsletter can be 3 sentences or 3 pages, if you wanna. Quality is more important than quantity. I'd rather you didn't send anything out rather than try to fill a quota. I'd also rather you sent more than planned, if you were feeling inspired, rather than try to limit yourself! And chickens. Yes, more chickens.

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First, thanks for the chickens, they are great.

For questions:

1. I don't really care about wordcount or even posts everyday. I just want it to be a regular thing, like "oh, today is TE day, I cannot wait!". Surprise newsletter when you have some banger idea is still great tho. Just please no more month-long breaks.

And I don't know, counting words seems kinda lame for me. I'm here not to stuff myself with words, I'm here for your amazing insight. For example Qanon posts were way to long. It was still interesting though, like explaining that it all is tied to French Revolution or Trump and planning or Qdrops computer analysis. But I think it could fit into one or two posts.

2. CCRU sounds interesting, I don't know that much about it except that Nick Land sounds like piece of shit.

From topics you suggested I would really like even one post about Branded Buddha, I wonder what are your thoughts about it. Otherwise I don't have any suggestions right now.

Anyway, take care of yourself and see you tomorrow.

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thanks for the chickens. you might look into a telegram channel. they've been adding some pretty awesome features, like you can have up to 200 person voice chat like discord now? also much expanded video capabilities. but definitely the ability to have comments and groups a la facebook, without the algorithm breathing down your neck. i hope y'all can find something, that was a great aspect of the page i enjoyed.

sorry to hear about your injury lingering as well. i have a musculoskeletal illness and theres a video called "practical pacing and fatigue management" by a PT named Jason Parry that may help you manage being productive and getting enough rest.

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