May 31, 2021Liked by Stephen from Trenchant Edges

Hiiii, I cannot really express how happy I am that this newsletter finally took off. Checking my mail for your newsletter became my little daily ritual. And some of the posts were really inspiring. So yeah, thanks.

For the future of this newsletter, I've noticed lack of weekend updates, so it's a good idea to make it "official". For 10am deadline I don't care at all, since I'm in different time zone and I don't even know when your 10am is here, I think it could be afternoon here. Anyway, most important thing is regular mails, so I can really immerse in it.

One suggestion that I have is that little references make huge difference, like you included photo of city hall. Or referenced "Here comes the arm" song. Or included this piece of "The invisibles" comic. Or linked super-old lionman carving. It really helps to feel the vibe and tie my attention for much longer. So if you were thinking "should I include this obscure reference?" you absolutely should.

Once again, I hope June will be as good as May, or even better. See ya tomorrow.

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Thanks for the excellent feedback. We're definitely just doing weekdays now.

I put it in quotes because calling any of this "official" seems a bit absurd.

More weird references? Yeah, I can definitely do that. :-D

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That intro 😂 👌

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