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Stephen, thanks for your post. I found it poignant and relevant to my own life experiences, which ran roughly analogously to your own, as well as to what seems to have been your personal sense of discovering "Terry." One particular exception that I took with your perspective on the man and his legacy regards the following quote:

"Terence, as his closest friends and family say, was quite the psychedelic bard. But there are good reasons why they don't call him an ethnobotanist or a scholar."

I would like you to expand on what you meant in this final sentence, regarding why you feel there should be "good reasons" not to consider McKenna "a scholar." I have always thought of him, along with Huxley and McLuhan, as modern scholar par excellence.

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I'm really curious to see what you think about ram dass's book the miracle of love if you have ever read it. I'm also wondering if you have thought about connections in Kundalini yoga to the timewave theory? I know astrology can be a bit much but yogi bahajan talked about the age of Aquarius starting in 2012, he wouldn't pin it down for the longest time only in the early 2000's setting that at it's transitional point (they are periods of 2000 years).

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