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I like to remind myself often about the thinking vs. listening. One of my favorites from Terrence for sure along with "Nothing comes unannounced."

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Really great read! Your writing style is great to read and it is about very interesting subjects you give good links to.

There are occasional typos that I notice, however, that obscure for a second what sentences mean, and they generally detract from what you are trying to do, I think.

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Much appreciated. And yes, alas, I often have to skimp on editing to get these out by my self-imposed deadline.

I've tried getting ahead of them but that's been tricky.

The approach I've more or less settled on is to have these emails as kinda messy first drafts, then reposting them in a more fully edited for on medium a couple of weeks later.

At some point I hope I have enough functional sitting time to write and edit them fully before sending out the emails though.

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We are only human after all

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