Super long posts are the best, and staying on schedule is nothing. Wellwritten is what's important.

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"Time means nothing to me", at least here. I've got much of shit to do now, I read your email when I can. So schedule isn't really important for me.

About super-long posts: honestly, I dont know how long your posts are. Even the longest ones, I have yet to find one that after finishing I would think "wow, that was waay to long". So yeah, longer posts are welcome here.

I have one suggestion though: I think something is missing about this series of posts about theosophy, cultic milieu etc. Something that would connect this. I mean yes, its interesting, but you started with kinda "yes, there is religion in United States" and then went on describing some history. Idk, maybe I'm missing something, but I feel like something is lacking, like the topic isn't really clear, I'm not sure why are you writing about it (and I would love to know!)

Btw dont take this criticism too seriously, so far I'm really enjoying this series :)

Also I'm still waiting for your thoughts on Xenolinguistics, as I'm currently reading it myself.

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I, personally, love long posts. Schedule doesn't bother me--I'd rather you not burn yourself out meeting a self-imposed deadline.

I like the topics you've been choosing. I'll have to think more about what I'd want to read from you. But so far you've made excellent decisions.

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